Our Mission 


The original Brotherhood was started in Chicago by Chicago police officers in 2010. In 2015, a group of NYPD officers started the New York City “chapter.”

Our Mission

We will send at least two uniformed members of the NYPD, in dress uniform, to every funeral in the United States in which a law enforcement officer has been killed by an offender. We will pay most of the travel expenses. For now, members will have to utilize their own time (RDOs or vacation days). We will also give those members a check to present to the family of the fallen officer.

It is important that we support the thin blue line, and let the families know that we will honor their loved ones and never forget that they made the ultimate sacrifice.

What we do?

Brotherhood for the Fallen is a fraternal charity in which members of the NYPD become members. We send NYPD officers to police combat line of duty funerals throughout the United States. We cover the travel expenses (air, hotel, rental car) so the officers can attend the viewing and funeral services, continuing the long tradition of supporting fallen officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our officers presence in distant areas of the country gives emotional encouragement to the family and fellow officers. While at the services, our officers present the family with a monetary gift to help with their immediate financial needs. In turn, our officers are enriched and return to their duties with a refreshed sense of pride in their uniform.


We are a NY non-profit corporation and we are officially recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) public charity. We raise funds through membership dues and other fundraising means.We have very little overhead and nearly all revenue goes directly to our mission. Our board and officers are all active members of the NYPD and receive no salary or benefits. We volunteer our time. With no rent or salaries to pay, we are able to maximize our financial contributions to the families. But we do need help. We survive on the membership dues of our members. We need donations to better assist the families and to move forward with the creation of additional programs. Please consider donating today.